South West Irish Draught Show 2017
BSPA In Hand Championship
BSPA Ridden Championship
Class 12- Ridden Irish Draught 7yrs+
Class 13- Ridden IDSH 4-6yrs
Class 14- Ridden IDSH 7yrs+
Class 15- Open Ridden Cob incl. Maxi Cobs
Class 16- Ridden ID IDSH veterans
Class 17- Open Ridden Small
Class 19- BSPA In Hand Qualifier Plaited
Class 2-Lightweight Hunter
Class 22- BSPA Ridden Ponies
Class 23- Ridden Horses Plaited
Class 25- Irish Draught Mare Brood Mare
Class 27- Irish Draught Sport Horse Mare Brood Mare
Class 3- Middle Weight Hunter
Class 30-Irish Draught Sport Horse Youngstock
Class 31- Small ID IDSH
Class 33- IDSH Maturnity In Hand
Class 36- In-Hand Senior
Class 38- In Hand Horse
Class 39- In Hand Pony
Class 41- Equifest Ridden Piebald Skewbald
Class 42- Equifest Ridden Cobs
Class 43- Ridden Maxi Cobs
Class 44- Equifest Riding Horse
Class 45- Ridden Hacks
Class 46- Ridden Hunters
Class 48- Ridden Riding Club Horse
Class 49- Equifest Open Ridden M and M
Class 5- RHIS AM LW Hunter
Class 50- Ridden Ex Racehorse
Class 51- Ridden Pre Senior
Class 53- Ridden Senior Plus
Class 57-TSR In Hand Horse Pony Final
Class 6- AM HW Hunter
Class 72- Open Working Hunter
Class 73- Novice Working Hunter
Class 75- SHB(GB) Novice Working Hunter
Class 76- RIHS Open Working Hunter
Ridden ID Championship
SA ID Show In Hand Championship
Senior Ridden Championship (51-51)
Senior Supreme Championship
Show Ridden Championship
Show Supreme Championship
SW ID Show Breeding Championship
Unaffiliated In-Hand Championship
Unaffiliated Working Hunter Championship (71-72)
WHS Ridden Championship
Working Hunter Supreme Championship

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